JavaScript and PHP Tutorials

JavaScript with PHP

JSON, PHP, and JavaScript
Information on passing data from PHP to JSON and JavaScript. Covers JavaScript Object Notation, PHP's json_encode, JavaScript's JSON.parse, and more.

JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript and Forms
How to interact with forms and form elements using JavaScript. Demonstrates with radio buttons, checkboxes, select boxes, and more.
JavaScript Arrays
JavaScript array methods; how to add and remove elements; how to search, sort, and traverse arrays; multi-dimensional arrays, and more.
JavaScript Strings
JavaScript string methods; how to search strings, how to select substrings, how to convert strings to arrays, and more.
JavaScript and Iframes
Using JavaScript to interact with iframes. Examples: cross-document references, setting iframe height, loading new documents, iframe onload, dynamically generating an iframe, and more.
Iframes and postMessage
How to use the postMessage method to safely communicate between documents on different domains.
JavaScript Object Literals
Object literal definition, syntax, and examples. How to access, modify, and add object literal properties.
Data Type and Type Conversion in JavaScript
Find out about JavaScript's loose typing, automatic type conversion, the typeof operator, parseInt and parseFloat, and type conversion functions.

PHP Tutorials

PHP Arrays
Information on PHP arrays and array functions. How to add and remove elements, how to search and traverse arrays, and more.
PHP Strings
Information on strings and string functions in PHP. How to search, compare, cleanup, format and display strings, and more.
Variable Type and Type Conversion in PHP
Find out about automatic type conversion in PHP, and how to check or change the type of a variable or value.

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